Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we receive from customers (partners) in regard to how we work with waste powder coating and re-manufacture into a new custom product.

If your questions are not answered below, reach out to us!

The simple answer; a powder coating manufacture that utilizes waste powder coating as a raw material and re-extrudes into a custom color matched product per the customers’ demands.

The long answer; a company that was born from the idea of changing the powder coating industry. We are in an industry that promotes our core products as being environmentally friendly, yet we are filling our landfills with powder. Although the product and application process is better for the environment compared to our liquid counterparts, our industry still has a long way to go. Innovakote solves the problem and can eliminate all waste powder coating. By using the Innovakote equipment and color technology, we strive to eliminate the need for any powder coating to lay to waste in a landfill!

Through the years of operating Surplus Coatings, a powder coating recycling company, the need was discovered for more recycling outlets. From their years of experience, Dwayne Behrens, President and Brian Spicer, COO of Surplus Coatings, Innovakote was born. The “recycled content” that is supplied by Surplus Coatings, is a combination of waste powder coatings. Waste powder coatings consist of collected over spray, expired, off-spec, reclaimed, or spray to waste powder coating. Through their analyzation and segregation of “waste powder”, they clean and prepare a recycled content to be used by Innovakote. This “recycled content” is used in amounts of up to 100% per formulation.

The amount of recycled content is dependent on the formulation and customer specifications desired. However, our goal is to achieve a 100% of recycled content in every batch!

You become part of the solution. You will cut your cost for sourcing powder coating, all while helping the environment. Then, let us work together to share your story. Join us in telling our industry that change is here and it’s time to truly become an environmentally focused industry!

We like to focus on what we do best, and we like others to thrive in their specialties as well. Please contact Surplus Coatings, let them know you were referred by Innovakote, and you will be on your way to recycling your powder waste in no time.