About Us

Our Mission

To eliminate waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the powder coating supply chain through our proprietary recycling process that transforms used powder into fresh powder.

Dwayne Behrens

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

After 26 years of working in the powder coating industry and studying its global supply chain as owner/operator of Surplus Coatings, Dwayne Behrens wondered if there was a green solution to the 2 billion lbs of excess powder coating that goes into the world’s landfills, waterways, and incinerators. There was no singular process and no market precedent for a sustainable and recycled powder coating solution, but his single-minded commitment drove him to the co-founding of Innovakote and the reimagining of an entire industry.

Dwayne enjoys golfing, boating, and entertaining with his family. He loves traveling and seeing the variety in nature worldwide.

Brian Spicer

Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer

Two deployments in Iraq serving as a Chemical Operations Specialist left Sgt. Brian Spicer with a life-long commitment to helping people avoid the hazards of man-made chemicals. Eleven years in the powder coating industry, combined with the global perspective his military service offered, gave him an opportunity to turn his commitment into a career. Brian accepted the challenge of creating a system to take two billion lbs of excess powder coating worldwide out of the environment  by co-founding Innovakote so his children will have a greener future.

Matt Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

A 35 year career on the manufacturing side of powder coating gave Matt Johnson a passion for technology and process. Starting at PPG, where he helped launch their entry into the powder coating industry in the early 80’s, Matt has seen the industry through many stages of innovation and design. It was because of his dedication and experience that he was able to develop a recycling process–the precursor of the Innovakote model.

Matt golfs as often as he can and loves to grill. He is also a homebrew master.